The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service is dependent upon the broad-based participation of local citizens. That involvement is accomplished through the Extension advisory council system. The Extension Council is an organized body of volunteer leaders that counsels with Extension agents in the identification of local problems and issues, assists in program implementation, participates in determining program success, and communicates program accomplishments and funding needs to decision makers.

Each Program Area receives input from county stakeholders thorugh Advisory Councils including

4-H Council, FCS Advisory Council, Extension Homemaker Council, Ag Development Board.

District Board Members 2014

Janet Williams

Denise McWhorter

Paul Stahr

Debbie Workman

Beverly Hopkins, Chairperson

Curtis Weatherford 

Greg Pruitt, County Judge Executive (non voting member)

Lynn Ann Jones, Treasurer (non voting member)


County Extension Council Membership

Paul Stahr, Vicki Batts, Gary Cunningham, Cindy Brown, Janet Williams, Alfonso Beltran Sanjuan, Ruth Ann Roberts, Sheila Johnson, Greg Pruitt, Joanne Alexander, Joyce Bugg, Ruth Ann Poole, Marge Kelly, Curtis Weatherford, Lisa Schraw, Rose Duffy, Lynn Ann Jones, Brad Latham, Beverly Hopkins, Rita Deweese, Jason Archey, Ashley Workman, Suzette Bailey, Julie Cagle, Troy Carter, Denise McWhorter, Cheryl Hartsell, Debbie Workman, Ivan Potter, Mary Potter, Jeff Byassee, Lisa Byassee, Greg Grubbs, Troy Grubbs and Jason Batts.